Milan Tesař

* 1938

  • completed the guitar studies program at Prague Conservatory in 1964
  • started concertizing in 1959
  • started teaching at the People's Conservatory in 1964
  • played a concert tour in Prague and through Italy in 1967
  • taught and concertized in Italy from 1968 to 1970
  • taught at Prague Conservatory from 1974 to 1977

In these days he composes and teaches at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague.

During the 70's Milan Tesař wrote songs and chansons. He worked together with W. Matuška, L. Filipová , V. Neckář, K. Černoch, W. Daněk and with the band Rangers.

In the late 70's he also wrote for television, film and Czech Broadcasting.

In 1975 his Breeze from Aranjuez for guitar and strings appeared on television.

During the 80's he recorded three solo guitar albums for Supraphon.

In 1986 he began to work together with Vladimír Mikulka. There are eight albums to date, the first of which was recorded for H. Lemoin, Paris, and it was still published by Daminius Records, Germany. Further albums were released during the 90's by Allegro, Praha; Gendai, Tokyo; Vogt a Fritz, Schweinfurt.

His compositions can be found on recordings in the USA - Hillary Field (Ballad Stories), Germany - Suita Perestroike, England - Eastwood & Kilvington, Italy - Varese Trio, Spain - Henriquez, Belgium - F. Holvoet and Holland - Bartlema.

In 1989 he finished an album of original compositions Ballad  Stories, which was issued on CD and LP in 1990 (Supraphon). Vladimír Mikulka performed Ballad Stories on this album and Karusell Suite on the CD European Premieres (Supraphon). Lenka Filipová  recorded his Aria on Concertino and on Concertino II as well (Supraphon). In 1991 Milan Zelenka recorded Tesař's Bouquet on an album published by PUNC.

In 1994 he completed another album of original compositions Czech Colours (EMI - Monitor).

In 1996 Vladimír Bláha played Tesař's "Conversations" on the album Czech Guitar Works (ATYPUS).

In 1998 he arranged and produced Folk Songs (Polygram) for Lenka Filipová .

In 1999 Vladimír Bláha recorded Jumble Suite 

He created compositional support for the brilliant guitar duo P. Henel - Jiří Reiterman. He wrote Czech Songs, Dance Lessons etc.

Prague Guitar Quartet recorded his Guitar Quartet for Czechoslovak Broadcasting.

P. Steidl recorded a series of his minor compositions for Czechoslovak Broadcasting.

In 2001 Vladimír Bláha performed Concert for Guitar and Strings and Eternal Strings at an international festival in Brno.

In 2001 an album of duets and trios, Guitar Inspirations is released by OPUS.